Songbird Data Science Workshop 2018: AVGN video

Posted on Tue 19 March 2019 in birdsong

As part of Birdsong 2018: Out on a Limb satellite to Neuroscience (SfN) 2018 conference last November, David Nicholson organized a Songbird Data Science Workshop discussing new algorithms and methods that sit at the interface between data science, birdsong, and machine learning.

The flyer for the Birdsong Data Science Workshop 2018

I gave a presentation on this workshop about Animal Vocalization Generative Network (AVGN) a set of tools that I have been developing to study songbird vocalizations. AVGN has primarily been used for two things:

  1. Unsupervised dimensionality reduction and labelling of birdsong, and
  2. Generating novel syllables to explore the vocalization space of songbirds. The presentation is embedded below.

An overview of the AVGN package

My presentation at Birdsong 2018

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