Fast computation of a coranking matrix for dimensionality reduction with python, joblib, and numba

Posted on Mon 19 July 2021 in dimensionality reduction • Tagged with umap, coranking matrix, metrics

Quickly computing a coranking matrix in python with numba

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Parametric UMAP

Posted on Sat 03 October 2020 in Machine Learning • Tagged with UMAP, Parametric UMAP, Dimensionality Reduction

Our new paper, "Parametric UMAP: learning embeddings with deep neural networks for representation and semi-supervised learning" is on arXiv.

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Songbird Data Science Workshop 2018: AVGN video

Posted on Tue 19 March 2019 in birdsong • Tagged with birdsong, machine learning, variational autoencoder, UMAP, GAIA, GAN, unsupervised learning

My presentation at the Songbird Data Science Workshop at Birdsong 2018

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